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Tuesday, 23-Dec-2014
06:00 Sunrise
Wake up to a better breakfast with Samantha Armytage and David Koch for all the latest news, sport and weather.
09:00 The Morning Show PG
Join Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies each morning for a variety of segments on the latest news, entertainment and other hot topics.
11:30 Seven Morning News
Latest news, sport and weather updates from Australia and around the world.
12:00 The Midday Movie: The Nutcracker (2009) (Rpt) G
On Christmas Eve, Nine-Year old Mary receives a special wooden nutcracker doll as a gift.During the night, her imagination brings it to life. Starring ELLE FANNING, NATHAN LANE, JOHN TURTURRO, FRANCES DE LA TOUR, RICHARD E GRANT and SHIRLEY HENDERSON.
14:00 Afternoon Movie: Let It Shine (2012) (Rpt) G
Cyrus Debarge crafts a contest-winning song about a girl, but his work is mistakenly attributed to his friend. Now he must overcome self- doubt and reveal his true self to her.
16:00 Seven News At 4
Seven brings you the latest developments in todays top stories at home and around the world, plus sport, finance and weather updates.
16:30 The Chase (Rpt) G
The Chase isnt just a quiz, its a race, where the players must ensure they stay one step ahead of the Chasers, some of the finest quiz brains in the country. Hosted by BRADLEY WALSH.
17:30 Million Dollar Minute G
Million Dollar Minute is a battle of general knowledge, where every correct answer is a step closer to the ultimate test: Can one person, in one minute, win one million dollars? Hosted by SIMON REEVE.
18:00 Seven News
Seven News live and comprehensive coverage of breaking news and local, national and international top stories, plus Sport, Finance and Weather updates.
19:00 Highway Patrol (Rpt) PG
A man is trapped inside his vehicle when it smashes into a pole with fears of electrocution. Then, two drivers ignore a Constables attempt to pull them over and a minor collision turns into a major argument.
19:30 Air Rescue PG
Four people need to be rescued after a massive two car smash but then comes the bombshell. A sick crewman is rescued at Sea and a teenage boy injures himself on a rock ledge.
20:30 The Tuesday Movie: Groundhog Day (1993) (Rpt) PG
Snowed in during a trip to Pennsylvania a self-centered television weatherman, Phil Connors wakes up to find himself stuck in time, endlessly repeating the same day over and over again. His world is inhabited by the same people, during the annual Groundhog Day festivities, but they dont know that time is repeating itself. Phil has to learn the error of his ways and correct them before the day will finally end! Starring BILL MURRAY.
22:30 Scandal M
The White House deals with a bombshell announcement from Sally Langston. Meanwhile, Olivia finds herself in a challenging new role. Starring KERRY WASHINGTON, COLUMBUS SHORT, GUILLERMO DIAZ, DARBY STANCHFIELD, KATIE LOWES, TONY GOLDWYN, JEFF PERRY, BELLAMY YOUNG and JOSHUA MALINA.
23:30 Men At Work PG
The discovery that his new girlfriend has a past with Milo and Gibbs gives Tyler some disturbing - and mood killing - visions. Neal and Amy struggle with a wedding anniversary curse. Starring DANNY MASTERSON, JAMES LESURE, MICHAEL CASSIDY and ADAM BUSCH and MEREDITH HAGNER.
00:00 Celebrity Juice (Rpt) MA
Keith Lemon presents the celebrity panel quiz show and is joined by team captains Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton. Tonights guests includen Alex Carter, Vanilla Ice, Rufus Hound and Gino DAcampo.
01:00 Home Shopping
Shopping program.
01:30 Home Shopping
Shopping program.
02:00 Home Shopping
Shopping program.
02:30 Home Shopping
Shopping program.
03:00 Dr Oz (Rpt) PG
Get answers to your health questions from Dr Oz and other leading doctors, hospitals, associations and authors.
04:00 NBC Today
International news and weather including interviews with newsmakers in the world of politics, business, media, entertainment and sport.
05:00 Sunrise Extra
Bringing you the best moments of your mornings with the Sunrise team.
05:30 Seven Early News
Latest news, sport and weather from Australia and around the world.