Southern Cross Television - Alice Springs
Sunday, 18-Mar-2018
06:00 NBC Today E
International news and weather including interviews with newsmakers in the world of politics, business, media, entertainment and sport.
07:00 Weekend Sunrise E
Wake up to a better breakfast with Basil Zemplas and Monique Wright, for all the latest entertainment, news, sport and weather.
10:00 The Morning Show - Weekend PG
Join Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies to catch up on all the highlights from this weeks program, including a variety of segments on the latest news and entertainment.
12:00 House Of Wellness PG
Hosted by Ed Phillips and Zoe Marshall, with feature guests and locations that highlight living well is important but can also be fun.
13:00 Kochies Business Builders PG
David Koch lends a helping hand to owners of small and medium-sized businesses.
13:30 Gold Coast 2018 Preview Show E
A look ahead at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Featuring a mix of local and international athletes, the history of the Games and the flavour of the Gold Coast.
14:00 Movie: North By Northwest (Rpt) PG
An advertising executive has the misfortune of standing just as the name "George Kaplan" is paged--starting a lethal case of mistaken identity and a nonstop game of cat and mouse.
17:00 Seven News At 5 E
Seven brings you the latest developments in todays top stories at home and around the world, plus sport, finance and weather updates.
17:30 The Great Day Out G
The Great Day Out is people, places and friendly faces; it is at the very heart of Queensland and special guest celebrities will invite you along on their Great Day Out.
18:00 Seven News E
Seven News live and comprehensive coverage of breaking news and local, national and international top stories, plus sport, finance and weather updates.
19:00 My Kitchen Rules PG
The weakest teams from each Group Challenge meet at Elimination House. Its calm vs crazy in a clash of the titans and as one person spins out of control, a storm at the table blows up!
20:30 Sunday Night E
In this major Sunday Night investigation, guest reporter Michael Usher presents the convincing proof that crucial evidence against Scott was planted.
21:30 Crimes That Shook The World MA
Investigating how the psychological state of Dennis Nilsen, who killed at least 15 men and boys, was approached by the judiciary and media, after Nilsen claimed he committed the murders in a trance.
22:30 Autopsy USA M
Forensic Pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter examines Steves medical records to discover why such a wealthy man with so many resources at his disposal died so unnecessarily?
23:30 Blindspot M
While Jane and Weller hunt down a collective of dangerous computer hackers, Patterson and Rich Dotcom must work together to hid an explosive secret from their past.
00:30 PyeongChang 2018 Paralympics (Rpt) E
A full wrap of all the latest action from the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.
01:30 Travel Oz (Rpt) PG
Join Greg Grainger as he explores the most breathtaking scenery, unique cultures and amazing wildlife around Australia.
02:00 Home Shopping PG
Shopping program.
02:30 Home Shopping PG
Shopping program.
03:00 Home Shopping PG
Shopping program.
03:30 Harrys Practice (Rpt) G
DR HARRY COOPER makes a housecall to a 9 year-old German Collie who goes berserk every time the phone rings. At the surgery, Dr Harry examines a pet ferret and also surprises a hyperactive terrier in Perth. DR KATRINA WARREN looks at the Land Hermit Crab, ponders which make better pets - male or female animals and shows us the Cat Dome, a luxury kitty litter tray. Actress CAROLINE CRAIG from Blue Heelers introduces her menagerie; Glomesh the kitten, Magnus a Ridgeback and Elvis the Yabby.
04:00 Meet The Press E
Chuck Todd interviews newsmakers from around the world.
05:00 Seven Early News E
Latest news, sport and weather from Australia and around the world.
05:30 Sunrise E
Wake up to a better breakfast with Samantha Armytage and David Koch for all the latest news, sport and weather.